About UsOur Manifesto

Dubo International Logistics offers more than just brokerage and logistics services for companies looking for carriers. We want to change the transportation industry by integrating this essential social activity into the environmental policies of visionary companies.

As a true strategic ally, Dubo International Logistics actively participates in reducing its partners’ environmental impact. We achieve this by providing a fast, reliable, collaborative, and deeply humane service.

Dubo International wants to design tomorrow’s world by developing new solutions to connect people.

To Go Further

We are transforming our network by developing innovative new standards for connecting people.

We reduce transportation-related environmental impact by implementing environmentally-friendly practices that are both accessible and beneficial.

We contribute to our customers’ brand equity through a responsible commitment that integrates our partners’ green initiatives.

Energy AwarenessDubo, an awakened company

Dubo is committed to reducing the transportation industry’s environmental impact through its partners.  

According to Transport Canada’s 2020 Statistical Report, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation have increased by 15% over the past decade.

Our innovative technological approach allows us to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions during the various transportation stages.