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Dubo Logistique Internationale offers much more than a brokerage and logistics service for companies looking for carriers. Get Your Shipment Delivered Anywhere Fast, Reliable and Fully Tracked.

François and Yannick,

Co-founders of Dubo International Logistics

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Canada Logistic Carrier Service

At Dubo International Logistics Canada, your peace of mind is our top priority.
We’re not just a transportation company, we are your dedicated partner in delivering logistics solutions and supply chain management. Whether you’re searching for trucking services near me to move general goods, agricultural essentials, or construction materials, you can trust us to handle them with utmost care. For every customer, we ensure our services align perfectly with your expectations. Count on us – because at Dubo international trucking & logistics, your satisfaction drives us.

Logistic Services

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Worldwide Logistics Services

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Our Worldwide Logistics Services

Worldwide Shipment on the Go with Dubo’s Logistics Transport and Supply Chain Management Services.

Collaborated Supply Chain Brokerage Services

Dubo Logistics Inc. holds linkage with collaborated partners for all logistics transport and supply chain management operations. Our collaborators incorporate with us to let the services be running.

Logistics & Warehousing System

Our affiliated Transport services fleet spurs out with ever-ready move. We go anywhere in Canada, the US, on Eco-friendly trailers and carriers.

Collaborated Ventures

Dubo Logistics Inc. binds trade linkage with local & international incorporated contactors. Many new hands joined our exciting caravan to turn Dubo ubiquitous for logistics services.

Caravan as a Carrier or Trucker

Find Carriers In Canada?

Join our Caravan as a Carrier or Trucker

We welcome carriers and truckers from across Canada, the US, and otherworld countries to join our supply chain management & logistics transport services with their trailer and carriers. Be a part of Dubo Logistics Inc – Canada’s fastest growing supply chain logistics transportation system. 

  • Join as a trucking trailer or fleet carrier partner to generate weighable income. 
  • Let your company be tagged with a globally-recognized logistics company. 
  • Fast, Reliable, and Authentic Payout procedure anywhere in the world. 
  • Expand your supply network with us. 

Our Transport Services

Hire Our Fast-track Logistic Transport Services in Canada:  (450) 984-8400

Be a Part of the Dubo Family


Career-Be a Part of the Dubo Family

Are you with logistics and trucking services experience? Come, and be a part of Dubo family to extend the handshake with the exotic clientage. Let’s set out on the voyage to touch the horizons of customer outreach. 


We provide a complete range of logistic services in Canada. Our services include brokerage trucking, supply chain management, freight forwarding, and warehousing solutions.

Our brokerage trucking affiliation connects you to a vast network of carriers and truckers. We endeavor cost-effective and efficient transportation solutions for your goods without the need for a dedicated fleet. Thanks to affiliated brokerage trailers, we provide an unparalleled transportation service to our customers.

Our supply chain management services optimize every step of your product’s journey. We enhance visibility, minimizing delays and maximizing overall efficiency.

Yes, we specialize in cross-border logistics services for the US and anywhere in the world. We follow customs regulations to ensure the smooth transportation of goods between countries.

Our warehousing solutions provide secure storage and efficient inventory management. Our organized mechanism saves costs to make sure your products are readily available for timely deliveries.