About Us

Dubo Logistics Int’l: Your Companion for Transportation Logistics Services in Quebec, Canada

Dubo Logistics Int’l – feels enthusiastic to be providing acclaimed Transportation Logistics Services in Quebec Canada. Our three decades-long service track has stimulated a huge number of businesses reshaping their Transportation and Supply Chain needs. 

Who We Are

Dubo Int’l has been carrying a legacy of 25 years’ excellence in logistics management operations, Dubo Logistics Int’l has evolved out of fast competition in shipment supply services at the forefront of the top-notch logistics transportation and supply chain management companies in Quebec, Canada.  

With skilled experience in handling supply carrier fleet, our exciting inception started with a vision to reshape and revolutionize the conventional logistics industry by catering to majority businesses’ diverse consignment needs around Canada and across the world

Our Commitment

At Dubo Logistics Int’l, we vow to you on delivering matchless supply handling services. Our cornerstones lie within the foundation of trust, honesty, reliability, swiftness and efficiency. Our belief renders in carving up and beyond expectations of our valued  clients’. We ensuring each parcel of goods is carried incessantly, right on time, and with the dedicated care. 

What Distinguishes Us From Others

It’s been more than 25 years for us in the shipment dispatching industry, through which our experience has honed with flare-up skills and yielded profound knowledge in logistics and supply chain management operations. Dubo Logistics International comprises of industry professionals who understand the topsy-turvy patches of transportation challenges.

We are intelligently informed with weather conditions and expected geographical challenges that may hinder the shipment proceeding. So, our strategy to tackle such repercussions. Our mastery arts in dealing with logistics repertoire has enabled us to confront with even the most challenging logistical tasks with perfection.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Businesses nowadays have stretched out across the globe thanks to the digital revolution. Dubo Int’l knows the commercial shipments needs within Canada or across international territories. We have developed widespread linkages and global partnership to enhance your cargo delivery at the defined destination securely and efficiently. Despite having local and international spread, Dubo Int’l retains a communal approach to meet your unique supply chain requirements. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

Switching to the latest technological advancements in logistics operations, we set forth the supply chain management processes to optimize agility and offer real-time monitoring of your shipments. Our enhanced tech-driven adaptions enable you with a clear visualization, empowering you to make informed decisions for the business growth. 

Customer-Centric Paradigm

Dubo Logistics Int’l regards your success as our success. We take each shipper as a valued collaborator to us. Dedicating ourselves to foster your specific shipment needs, our customizable logistics services overlap your needs accordingly. Communication with customers with full-fledged support team is one of our paradigms. We presume it our obligation to respond you actively around the clock to address your general queries or order booking concerns promptly. 

Our Values

Integrity, Honesty and Transparency are the foundational pillars Dubo Int’l Logistics stands out on. We pose ourselves with the committed integrity to bring services for your expectations with ethical standards and professional manners. 


It is our prime onus to carry your consignment with special care. We make sure when our clients entrust their shipments to us, rest assured is in our safe hands. We not only deliver supply parcels but also the pet promises, fulfilling reliability and consistency along the way our service and operation. 


Assimilating innovation is focal crux to our growth. We tirelessly seek innovative ideas to reverberate the pro logistics offers to stay far ahead in an ever-evolving logistics landscape. 

Be a Part of Dubo Logistics Int’l Caravan

Dubo’s logical approach on your shipment concern sustains on seamless logistics and supply chain management. With our 25-year legacy of excellence in Canadian and global reach, Dubo has been thriving to be triumphal with our partnered stakeholders. With  cutting-edge digital technology, and customer-centric interface, you can join our caravan as trucking carrier, fleet partner and supply chain professional. That’s what makes us the perfect logistics services provider to drive your success with higher ROI.

Join with Dubo Logistics Int’l for your business today, and see how our expertise takes your business to new horizons of efficiency and reliability. Feel as friendly as your buddy to explore how we can customize our services to your required needs. Let’s embark together on this logistics journey to measure the spread of your business expansion…!!! 

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