Transportation Logistics Services in Quebec CA

Experience trusted & dependable logistics transportation services — where reliability meets excellence, ensuring your goods arrive safely and on schedule, every time. 

Navigating Transportation Logistics Services

Dubo Inc. is incorporated with trusted 3PL (Third Party Logistics) freight brokerage. Our partners integrate with trucking and shipping systems for your logistic needs. Across Canada, our affiliated long-vehicle truck fleet keeps moving to deliver your logistics to every nook and corner of the country and across borders.

Our Transit Fleet Comprises Multiple Delivery Modes

Our centralized delivery system, optimized for efficiency and safety, integrates key measures to ensure the swift and secure transportation of your parcels. Offering real-time tracking, Dubo Int’l employs competitive logistics for transportation modes, including multiple trucking, logistic carriers/vehicles, and containers. This robust system ensures reliable delivery, meeting time commitments for your shipments. Whether you require partial flatbed carriers or specialized LTL transport in Quebec, Dubo Int’l is your trusted partner for comprehensive and flexible logistics solutions.

Full Truckload (FTL)

Our full truckload shipping is fit for a shipment that covers the entire floor of a truck trailer. We recommend this mode to those shippers who have enough supply to get delivered. We offer exclusive trucking carriers to carry your consignment with care.

Less than Truckload (LTL)

In Less Than Truckload carrying mode we tailor our operation to match your limited truckload capacity. We optimize your shipment with LTL which does not ask for the full capacity of a truck. Our LTL affiliated carriers consolidate limited shipments into a compact trailer, which helps lowers the costs for our shippers.

Partial Truckload

Our transport range with partial truckload goes with a mode that lies between FTL and LTL. This mode involves logistics that are larger than what would generally come under LTL but do not fall into a full truckload category.

Specialized Carriers

With purpose-made vehicles specialized carriers involve the utilization of dedicated trucks that are specially designed to move certain types of cargo. Shippers and producers from Quebec and across Canada book our whole or partial Specialized Carriers such as refrigerated containers for vegetables, fruits, and other perishable products. Flatbed or open-deck trucks for oversized or unusually shaped goods and boozer (tanker) trucks for liquids, and beyond.

Why are we trusted for trucking and logistics need?

Dubo Int’l Transport Service has been around Canada for over 25 years with supply chain management and handling other transportation & logistics services operations. We work under the ethically reliable flagship of the Transport Association and Custom Clearance Compliance of Canada.

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Our Core Operational & Professional Values

With the following operational and professional values, we make Dubo Int’l standby for you anytime, anywhere.